Sunday, June 15, 2008

Al Arad Fort

Last week on my day off, some friends and I were planning for a drive around trip in Bahrain. Because having been living in Bahrain for over a year, still I have not visited Al Arad Fort!!! It is a shame as it is not that far from the area where I live. So we set the plan, we called to a rental car company and arrange a nice car for a day. The day after, the usual thing was happening, it was really hard to wake up early as my brain kept telling myself to go to bed and go later, the same happened to my friends (btw they live just another floor in my building). So we made it to go at 2 o'clock after lunch. Again, we got distracted by the many Sales going on around Bahrain. Finally we ended up going nowhere, just from one mall to another mall, one cafe to another cafe. Halah What a day!!!

Anyway, If you still want to know about Arad fort please go here

PS : This picture is a complimentary from a good fellow. Thanks Lea!

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