Sunday, September 30, 2007

where the green grass grows (..and brings the scent of home)

I remember a time not so awful long ago

Of a place I use to visit where the green grass grows

Tucked away in the hills hidden from sight

Alone in this field the world was alright

The grass dances slowly with the wind that sets the lazy pace

I’d drift away for hour’s sun shining warmly on my face

Butterflies stealing kisses from each and every flower

Birds and bees playing a game of catch among the heaven of sweet and greens

Sometimes when I reminisce I think about that place

Tucked away in the hills the sun light on my face

In my mind I’ll take a trip it’s to this place I’ll go

Back to the place of my memories

“Where the green grass grows”

adapted from S.E.P

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Harvesting Time

2 Monyet Besar :)

These 2 guys (Kris and Gayo) could not fight the urge not to climb the date tree. Since this is near the end of winter in Bahrain and so is date fruit season. We have to catch them before the birds finish them all or before it is getting too dry. Alamak... the taste is unbelievable, so sweet and tender when chewed and hmmmph :P I am fasting now, I can not tell you further Hahahahah perhaps next time!

Do you like Date fruit or Tamar (Arabic) or Qhorma (Persian)?

I do, I do, I do..... I break my fast with it. Love it!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Old Bahraini Architecture

This is the roof top of Bahrain Exhibition Center. If you could see that this is a replica of the Ancient Bahraini Fort.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

A House Compound

Some of you might wonder why some of my recent pictures are night photos in these last two weeks. It is Ramadhan now and I am fasting. We tend to go outside when the evening come s and it is harder during daytime for taking pictures .

So please bear with me, as most object look different under the night light. This house compound located along the main road from Geant to Dana Mall, I took this shot when my friends and I were strolling back from Geant. It is quite a nice walk for 10 short minutes :P

I am wondering if it is going to look different if taken during a daylight. Hope I will have another chance to do it next time.

Wish me Luck!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Mosque Series # 03 The Beautiful Kanoo Mosque

This is Kanoo Mosque at Al Qufhul region, I mentioned it on my earlier posting about the mosque that we always go for Tarawih pray.
Do not you think that it is worth the long walk to see the beautiful mosque and its twin minarets?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

The favorite spot, The Giant Slide
These 3 jokers, Moses, Gayo and Ryan are imitating the 3 terracotta warriors from Bahrain's Dilmun Era at the wall behind them.

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park is located at Al Areen, just 25 minutes drive from Sanabis and Next to Bahrain International Circuit, Al Areen Wildlife Park and Banyan Tree Al Areen. If you are around the neighbourhood, come as they are only charging for 6 Bahraini Dinars during Ramadhan month. For your calculation; 1 dinar = US 0.375. Or you could check it here at (hey I am not advertising here but just trying to help heheh)
Tomorrow, it's my day off, I am going to take more photos for a week supply ( one of my colleague said that it is a cheat :P)

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Mosque Series # 02 Al Qufhul Maktim

a bit blurry but i like the blurring motion and the shadowy figures.
Everynight, my friends and I always go to the further located mosque at Al Fuqhul for our Tarawih Pray. It takes a 25 minute good walk to reach there. I swear it is not only me getting sweaty and all blistered toes. Ha ha ha ha

All along the way, we always see things in many different ways. We see people in rush driving around in cars, busy traffic light and the still warm evening. we are always passing this beautiful Maktim and I managed to take the picture last night. Do not you agree with me how beautiful it is under the night light? I hope I can take the day picture soon and we can see the different.

There is an addditional picture of us walking that I manage to steal. Frankly I got some strange look from some people along the way. Ha ha ha I got the good pictures anyway! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pearl Of Bahrain

When I arrive at work this morning, once I opened my bag, I realized that I do not bring my camera and the wire. Hmpppppph how could I be so careless? It left me no choice, I had to search for a photo from my archives.
Here you go; this is a picture of Mother Pearl of The famous Bahraini Pearl. I'll tell in another page in detail about what make Bahraini's pearl is unique.
Anyway, do you keep pearl as jewelry? I like them, I eat their cousins( oyster and another eatable molusca families ) Hahahahah A Joke!
Have a nice day ALL!!!
P e a c e . . . i am out !!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sandstorm at Sanabis

where is the sun? where is it? oh it's up there! THE SILVER SUN :P
When the weather is about to change, there is always a sandstorm in Bahrain, especially in Sanabis. These photos were donated by my friend, Moses aka Musa. He said he will visit my blog but until today I receive non from him. Maybe later! :P
Anyway, I do not like sandstorm :( . It means you need to do a spring cleaning at home after it is all over (all those dust, i have no idea how they find ways to get into our apartment... sigh), Poor visibility, i can not take any picture outside (who will???),
it makes you sick. Those dust cause lots of breathing problem and other sickness.
Many of my colleagues fell ill during this sandstorm.
Do you guys have a sandstorm way back home?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marina Mall

I am running out of photo stock now, So I just pick one and here you go! This is Marina Mall located across Al Muntazah market. It takes 5 minutes walk from my apartment. I love walking but walking under 40-43 degree Celcius hot weather?? Nah better call a taxi and pay for 2 Dinars. Ha ha I am a lazy wimp!!! Normally I prefer to walk on the late afternoon because it is a lot cooler and the wind breeze. This is just a regular sized mall with nice lovely clothings shops, restaurants and Life style Furniture shop.
Have a nice day all, this is the 6th day of fasting and it is very quiet here at work and I can not help yawning and yawning with my colleague Stacey :P PEACE!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Old Water Stand with Lion Head

I shot this old water stand on my last trip to HSBC near Adliyaa area.
Kinda cute, do not you think?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

King Fahd Bridge

Aerial picture of the bridge that connect Bahrain and KSA
This is a picture of bridge part of King Fahd Causeway. I dubbed it as King Fahd Bridge. This multiple dike-bridge combination is connecting Bahrain and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, oh I just found out that what KSA stands for LOL where have I been all these time :P).

Anyway, this magnificent construction was built and finished in relatively short period by considering its complicated detail project. It was signed in 1981, followed by cornerstoner laying by the late King Fadh of Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa. It was officially opened for use on November 25, 1985. It spans 25 km long and it costs US$ 1.2 billion. Wah!!
Do you guys have a monstrous size building or anything back home?

The walls of solitude

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Mosque Series # 01 Central Market Mosque

This is the mosque at Sanabis Central Market. It is located behind Marina Mall, across the Vegetable Market. It is only 15 minutes walk from my apartment. We always go here for our Friday pray and after the pray we always end up by doing some grocery shopping. In this mosque, there are many nationalities coming to pray. I have seen majority of people from Indian sub-continent; Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Afghans. Then followed by some Bahrainis, Lebanese, Saudis and us the Southeast Asian; Indonesian, Filipinos and Thais. Can you imagine the diversity of this wonderful gathering?
Friday is weekend here in the Gulf Region, have a nice weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Earthquake in Padang, My Hometown

Padang Panorama circa 1900 (above)
Bank Nagari (my home is located so closeby, see the aerial picture by Google Earth)

Football Stadium (Favourite Open Air Stadium)
My home marked with yellow pin, so close access to anywhere :P

Since yesterday, I guess I have been living in a daze, since my Boss called from Dubai to inform us the indonesian staff about Earthquake (8.40 magnitude quake) and Tsunami alert in some areas in Sumatra. Yes I did browsed through CNN, Kompas, Detik and others searching for further update about home. I tried to call home and my brother cell but it seemed the communication went down. I tried to sms some relatives and friends as many as I could and finally my younger brother replied and eased my worriness and fear about their being, my mom, sister and brother.

I called my brother again this morning to update the news, Padang is still hit by aftershock earthquake even while we were talking. I pray God, Allah SWT for the safety for all my brothers and sisters in Padang to give them strength and faith during this suffering period. Strength for this Ramadhan for them. Amien yarrabal alamin!

Here are some pictures I got from internet (Google Earth etc) about Padang. I know it is out of topic but I am so worry.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pearl Monument

This Pearl monument is a reminder of Bahrain old days, when pearling was the only industry in Bahrain. This gigantic art is something that you will not miss when you go around Manama, it sits on one of the roundabout near the road to Sanabis. I took a full careful while taking this picture as the road was so busy with fast driving cars.

Such a beautiful landmark. is not it? Do you guys have a special landmark near home or in your city?
Tomorrow is the starting of Ramadhan in Bahrain and other muslim countries. Ramadhan Kareem everyone! Selamat Berpuasa!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Sanabis Farm Photo Series

I missed posting a photo yesterday as I was absorbed by tons of works yesterday (what a lame excuse :P). I am going to do a little cheat today by posting some of my previous farm photos. Instead of having one, you will get 3 photos hehe No more bargain!
Anyway, the animal of the day is the DUCK. The duck is not a natural animal found in Bahrain. I believe that it is brought and bred in Bahrain since there is technology of finding water in abundantI. If not, how a duck could survive living in a dry and harsh place like Bahrain. Do not you love the duck?. I used to have a dozen of ducks when I was little toddler. I raised them as pet and they followed me around like i was the mother duck :P
What about you? What kind of pet did you have when you are young?

A face of a foreign Worker

This guy name is Ali, he is from Bangladesh. He works here as the farm attendant. He barely spoke any English but he tried to communicate with me. I approached him for asking why the ditches are full of streaming water, especially now in summer. He pointed at the water pump at the end of a building. What it seems impossible for me, I saw a huge pump with giant oulet gushing out stream and stream of water. It is from the underground well.

His smile is so genuine and welcoming and probably because we have similarity, we share a brotherhood; he is a moslem. Somehow we are feeling our bonding and welcoming each other. Ali and thousands of others are coming to Bahrain for a better life back home (hey it includes me LOL). Bahrain is a young country and we are proud to be apart of hands who help to build the new Bahrain.

I am enjoying my time here in my new adopted home, how about you guys? any of you working overseas? Do you enjoy your time there?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quite Road at Sanabis

This is one quite road at Sanabis. When I showed it to a Lebanese friend who has lived in Bahrain for years, he said nobody is going to believe that it is in Sanabis. I am wondering how long this road is going to stay there. Will it survive the so called modernization and stay there or give way to those new tall buildings? Well it gives me a sad thought that this place will be vanished in the future.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sanabis Fish Market

10 minutes walking from my apartment, there is a traditional fresh fish market. As a matter of fact the picture I am showing today, I just took it this morning. So this place is always crowded and full of people every morning, there might be the seller or the buyer and unlike everybody else, I was just a spectator. I came for the picture :P

So along with 2 friends, we left our flat at 5.45 am (It was already bright outside and the air was still cool. Hmmm it was gonna be a nice walk then). We arrived there at 6 sharp and there were already a big crowd of people.

These 3 elders caughted my attention, the one with glasses was concentrating on his checklist, the other one was putting the some papers into the bag and the last one in white Thobe was looking around (the grandpa must be very tired, he was holding on into a walking stick) . Hmm They might have sold lots of their fishes today.
How does the fish market look like in your country? do you have them in the supermarket or in a traditional way?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Garden in a Desert

Green grass is indeed a sight for our sore eyes during summer in Bahrain :P

Have a nice day All!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Four Guards and The Swimming Pool

Here is another shot of Date Palm Tree and these trees are planted at swimming pool area which add the serene athmosphere to the pool. I would love to swim at this time now. :P

I love swimming, do you like swimming? where do you guys usually go to swim?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Date Tree and a Boat

Bahrain is famous of its date fruit and pearl diving boat. I happen to catch them during driving around with my mates. I promise i will get a better picture in the future.

Have you ever tried date fruit before? Beside its sweetness, It's very nutrious and high in fibre. Ramadhan is coming soon and it will be one of the favourite food for ifthar. I love Date fruit!!!