Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Believe I Can Fly !! Arthe!

Here comes the thropy for a grab!

The winning team and the fans!
PS : the photos are from my Archives (Geez need to go out soon and bring my camera along). The event was the monthly sport competition held by the resort for the associate.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

La Belle Au Bois Dourmant

Sleeping Beauty fair,
Black like the night in your hair,
Lips that shame the red, red rose,
Dreaming of true love in slumber repose
One day he will come,
Riding over the dawn,
When you awaken to love's first kiss,
Till then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on
One day you'll awaken to love's first kiss,
Till then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on.
(adapted from the original by Tom Adair & George Bruns, Sleeping Beauty Movie circa 1959)
(This is a shot of my friend, Dian Putri Kustanti aka Uthie. After along day at work, I caught her offguard with my camera in such a serene deep sleep at the sofa. Look at how her lips curl and the innocence expression in her face. She is going to kill me if she find out this posting but how I can not share this beautiful shot to the world, she'll understand)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Talmud's Pottery

The Artifacts of Talmud's

Colourful Robe

Another shot for a Bahraini traditional Robe from a high rank woman. I am also clueless for detail name on each item. I need to ask Yaqoob for details, will update it ASAP.
Have a nice day all!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Winter's Flower

Winter is coming now in Bahrain Hooorayyyyy! Please do not get me wrong!!!!! Winter in Bahrain means a cooler weather, lots of rain (I am still not sure about this year, but last year it was very wet :P so let see then!) and I can go out taking pictures all day long without worry much of the the hot desert sun Halah!Here is my first posting of flowers commonly found in Bahrain! Dunno the name but its nice , is not it? Anyway, here is a poem I found from one of the book here published in Bahrain, Any of you know about him?
The bee-through many a garden roves,
And hums his lay of courtship o'er,
But when he finds the flower he loves,
He settles there, and hums no more
Thomas Moore 1779-1852

(LOL the bees escaped when I was trying to shot them, perhaps next time I'd be one lucky photographer)

Bahraini's Wedding

This is one nice shot depicting a traditional Bahraini's wedding. I do not really have any information now but I will do a further research with my Bahraini friends and update this page later on.
Have a nice day then!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Besht, The Golden Robe

Here is a shot from my last trip to Bahrain National Museum. In this display, you could see the full set of a traditional Bahraini Dress for a man belong to a deceased man from a high rank
(must be one of the famous Al Khalifas wink!!)
on the left side is the traditional dagger (the Khanjar) and on the right side is the head garment (the Agal) and the shawl (the Ghetra)
and at the far bottom right are the leather slippers (the Ena'al).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Western Union Building in Manama

This yellow building of Western Union in one of Manama downtown really strikes my eyes once I set my feet on the road. Its bright yellow colour does indeed lift up the athmosphere in the neighbourhood. Do not you think the area look a lot nicer now?
I never know such a yellow colour could give such a strong effect.
Wah Have a nice day everyone! Its so beautiful day in Bahrain now!!

Manama Soukh Shops

One the earlier post, I took a shot of sweets stacked in a shelf at Manama, Here is the complete shot of the outside of the shop. I really like walking and windowshopping at this area, Good items and Good Bargaining! Most shops keepers here are people from Sub-Indian Continent and they always laugh and make a joke at us, Indonesians are very good at bargaining.
He he he Yes , I believe I am LOL !!
Bargaining is a part of survival kit for us who live abroad and have to bear a high cost of living.
Do not you agree with me?

Downtown Treat at Manama

Bahraini Sweet anyone?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Mosque Series # 04 The Grand Mosque

Though behind the fence, its still beautiful, right? He he he :P

Welcome to Bahrain!

Ahlan Wa Sahlan!
Welkom! (Is not it, Wilkommen in German) or is it Afrikaans? or Dutch?
Yoku Irashai Mashita!
Ni Hau?
Too Bad, there supposed to be more there, Selamat Datang (Indonesian), Mabuhay(Tagalog), Sabai Dee! (Thai)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Lamp Series # 04

With Blitz!

Without Blitz!

Dear All, Please bear with me on my latest graziness on the Morrocan Lamp, These 2 pictures are from the same object but taken with blitz and without it! Which one do you prefer? I do not really mind, they both look nice, do not you think?

Fishing Boat Monument

The Lamp Series # 03

just another lamp :P though a bit weird looking !!
Do you guys have any more idea for what it looks like?

Pigeon oh Pigeon

Rio, a friend of mine insisted on me to post the picture of him with the pigeon at the back ground, Though I prefer the one without him. No offence, The pigeon look better HAHAHA

anyway, the first one was also taken by him. Again he insisted! Bahh

Do you like Pigeon? I love them :P especially deep fried :P

The Lamp Series # 02

shot from 4 metres away!

bottom part shot from the floor!

As I said on my earlier posting that I will be posting more of my Morrocan Lamp Collection. This one is approximately 1.5 m height and 1 m width.

Can you imagine how big this lamp is? Though it is modern but it is still called as Morrocan Lamp as the basic design and materials are the same.

Do you like lamps? Do you collect them?

I am starting mine for my future house :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Traffic Jam

The photo was taken when I was in a taxi on the way to Juffair with some friends. You can see that it is along queue (argh is it the right spelling? oh I need to brush up my English :P LOL) from the traffic light. I could not even see it from where I am sitting.
It was so many cars away from us.
So you guys have a traffic problem at home?
Do not ask me :P I am Indonesian, we are way too experience with this problem he he

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Lamp Series # 01

About 2 years ago I was in Egypt for 3 months on a bussiness trip and that was when I start to like the Middle Eastern Lamp. There was one silly thing that I made when leaving the country I forgot to buy one to bring back home. But then when I move here in Bahrain, I found that the similar lamp is also found here, though most people would always call it as Morrocan Lamp. LOL
So how do you find this beautiful one? It is an ornament used in the resort I am working at.
I will post more lamps picture on my next posting.
Have a nice day then!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now Back to Bahrain's Posting

I was just reading Ohlala! Arabia magazine (the essence of style) at Spa Lounge and there was an interesting topic on the cover which made me posting DJ Tiesto poster for today photo. I took the picture on July and I guess it is about time to post it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hometown Series # 03 Mountain Mist

Gunung Marapi is the name we call this active volcanic mountain. Gunung literally means Mountain and Marapi means Fire, so it is Mountain of Fire. It is the most active vocano in Sumatra. It elevates at 2,891.3 metres high or 9,485.9 feet. Lots of town and cities are situated around the mountain; they are Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang and my late grandma's hometown Batu Sangkar. I still can recall the memory when I was a toddler and living there for a couple of years. Waking up every morning and watched the sunrise peeping behind the mountain. This magnificent mountain always brings an awe within me. According to the Minang folklore, this mystical mountain holds the history of our people, the Minangkabau. I will tell more about my people in another posting.
Do not you think the mountain is magnificent? I first time went to the top when I was in college, It took 6 tiring hours to the top and only 3 hours to go down. Hmmm That makes me thinking how that could happen? Probably we mostly run and walked so fast to the bottom of the mountain. Hah I wish I could go there again one of these days. I hope I could find on my archive on those photos and post it here, Insyallah!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hometown Series # 02 Street Shop along Anai Valley Road

I just get back to work today and I really need to say my apology to everybody for not posting during my vacation nor sharing any daily activities I had done during my 3 weeks vacation. It has been along story.

First, It was heavy rain everyday since I stepped my feet in Punggur Harbour (duh). You could see from my earlier posting about the Singapore Cruiseship Center at Sentosa Island. It was very cloudy picture and the sky was about to spill tons of rain.

Second, there was still an earthquake happened when I was there. Though I was sound asleep when it happened at 3.00 o'clock in the morning. Geez I was even surprise for not even feeeling it at all!! Third, the connection was very bad and due to the plenty of rain we had in Padang (still have, hey its Monsoon Season now), I could not make it to go to Internet shop and the last stuff that I never expected to happen, My camera memory was having an error. All pictures were disappeared and It needed to be re-formatted which naturally would erase all pictures taken earlier or I could not use it all!! Can you believe these? But I am lucky, I managed to save some pictures and also given by a friend.

Now I want to talk about this little wooden shop commonly found all along the road from Padang to Batusangkar. What make it interesting, this one is resting on the slope of the Sianok Valley, part of Anai Wild life Reservation. This shop usually sells snacks, cigarettes and even some of them are restaurant. They exist mostly to provide last minute need of the car drivers, motorcyclers, Bus drivers and even the truck driver who are passing this road. Mostly full of crowd during the rainy season when there would be road traffic due to slipper tracks caused by the heavy rain.

It is good to be back and posting pictures at My Sanabis DP, how are yoy guys doing?