Friday, October 12, 2007

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Today is Ied ul Fitr or Ied Mubarak
This morning we went to Kanoo Mosque for Ied pray.
It was starting at 6 am in the morning when the sun is fully rising.
We went there earlier at 4.25 am
in order to get to the front row of praying slot.
I was kind of sad as Ramadhan has left a day early
because somehow I am feeling I still need another day.
Anyway, after the end of the pray,
we gathered and walked together to Sanabis
and even took group photo.
See you can see that we are from different places;
Indonesian, Thai, Maldivian and South African
Oh What a Beautiful Rainbow!!
Happy Ied Mubarak Everybody!!!
Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin

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~tanty~ said...

Happy Ied Mubarak!
It's a lovely photo. Wish you a safe journey to kampuang nan dicinto :)