Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Postcard From Home

I will be taking my vacation next week, I will be leaving on the evening of October 15. Wah I am really looking forward to be at home.
here is a picture sent by my cousin when he was at grandma's house last week at Batusangkar while sitting on the horse carriage. Oh I love to hear the sound of the horses hooves clacking againts the asphalt road. Tak Tuk Tak Tuk!

Wah it is next week, I can not believe myself!!!


~tanty~ said...

Hehehe ... ado bendi.
How are you Ian?

Denton said...

Going home to visit is always great. In my experience home has multiple meanings. There is home where you live and love. There is also home where you grew up. I find myself saying the same word with a different inflections ... enjoy your trip and your visit with relatives ... Tell your grandmother greetings from Greenville South Carolina in the US.

Siddis-in-houston said...

Nice pictures! I visited Bahrain two years ago, it was nice, a friend came over from Rihjad and spent the week end sight seeing with me! Have a nice vacation!

KMF said...

i am first in your blog i love it
have a nice day

Ian Hamzah said...

uni Tanty, ty I am fine, looking forward to be home soon.

Denton, thanks , I will pass yours :P

Hi Siddis, its good to know that you have good memories about Bahrain.

Hi KMF, thanks LOL :P