Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mahmood Plaza Getaway

This is the inside garden of Mahmood Plaza, a small hotel in Sanabis, So close by to my old flat. We used to go there after work for one or two our sheesha session (I'll tell more about sheesha on the next posting). With 4 or 5 companies in one session and most of the time. This garden in really nice in the evening and reminds us a lot about home.

Well we have been having fun here and too bad the harsh winter wind also affects their greeness and most customers sit inside now. In here we also met 2 Indonesian fellows, Lulu and her sister Uti. They are from Bandung, West Java. This is also the reason why we have become their regular customer as they bring some sense of home and sincere hospitality. OMG I am homesick now. Blame it to Lulu and Uti!!!!!!!!!

How are guys feeling when away from home?


~tanty~ said...

Homesick for sure, especially the FOOD ...
Indonesian foods are the best!

Mohammed said...

Hello, I have lived in this hotel before and love the place. It is very quite and very comfortable except for the unpaved road to the main street.
Can you please give me the phone number for the hotel?