Monday, January 14, 2008

Wet Winter

In the last few days, Bahrain has been blessed with lots of rain. Hooray!! This bless also brings many things and changes our lifes here.

  • First, the weather turns very chilli even during the day time and even worst a night. 3 days ago, it reached 8 degrees Celsius. WAH!!!!
  • Winter clothes! wah my fingers hurt all the time when I forget to bring my glove.
  • Flu / Cold
  • In Bahrain they do not built ditches or I can say, they do not have one! So when the rain pours and flooding, it will be everywhere! Like what it is shown in front of my flat!

Though buggering me, but it is nice sight to see the rain falling and I promise myself if the weather warmer and the rain falls, I will be doing my childhood rite when the rain come. I will be running to it and enjoying every fall of the rain to my body and singing my childhood song about the rain!

" I AM SINGING IN THE RAIN!!!!! (hahaha) nope!

This is the right one!!

HUJAN (by Ibu Sud)

tik-tik-tik bunyi hujan diatas genting

airnya turun tidak terkira

cobalah tengok dahan dan ranting

pohon dan kebun basah semua

tik-tik-tik bunyi hujan bagai bernyanyi

saya dengarkan tidaklah jemu

kebun dan jalan semua sunyi

tidak seorang berani lalu

tik-tik-tik hujan turun dalam serokan

tempatnya itik berenang-renang

bersenda gurau meyelam-nyelam

karena hujan berenang-renang

(wah senengnya kalo bisa mandi2 hujan lagi)

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ontahsapo said...

love the puisi, hujannnnn....