Friday, April 18, 2008

Come.. Come We have Stock Clearance!

I always enjoy going to Manama Souq, especially when there is a Sale or Stock Clearance and this Kashmiri Gift Shop offered a good deal that day!

PS : Dear loyal reader or blogwalker, I am really sorry for the quite long hiatus, I will bring some fresher photos about Sanabis DP in the coming days.


Uma por Dia said...

Dont worry!! :)

Urang Awak said...

thanks Uma! It is rather hard now to keep posting a picture a day as the Summer is coming and the weather is getting warmer and hotter and less chance to go outside. I will try my best to get more pictures, BTw I do enjoy browsing your Lisboa DP, a beautiful city, for sure will be on my list in my future EURO trip. CAN'T WAIT!!!


Uma por Dia said...

:) Thanks Ian.