Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Race is Today!

Today is officially the final Race day at the 2008 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. Based on the data reported at Bahrain International Circuit official site, yesteday it saw a total of 33,500 people streaming in through the circuit gates to experience the action and the surrounding spectacle. Form the picture above you could see a glimpse of the stadium filled up with people. This picture donated by my good friend, Rio who was so lucky to receive a free ticket, while I was stucked at work. Further coverage about the race, please go here.

He even surprised me with the following short video taken during the practising and practising qualifiction where as the pole position claimed dramatically by MBW's Robert Kubica edging out Ferrari’s Felipe Massa by just one tenth of a second. I am feeling sorry for my favourite team, the Ferrari team. Later at the end of the day, I would post about the winner. Walah!!!

Enjoy the video then!!

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