Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Durrat Marina Ads

Today's photo is a quick snapshot I took with my handphone and I hope it is clear enough for everybody to see how big this advertisement board is and what is Durrat Marina. Actually I have had a posting about Durrat Marina earlier this month here.

So Durrat Marina is a new develepment project in Bahrain consisting residences, apartment, villas, golf courses and yacthing marinas. The residences and destination getaway with island concept but urban styles. Interesting is not it? Please go here to find more about Durrat Marina.

In this picture, you could see that further behind the ads board, there are the National Library and Al Fateh Grand Mosque further on the right side. Tomorrow I will tell more about the Grand Mosque and National Library.


Abid said...

What is Durrat Marina?

Urang Awak said...

Hi Abid, sorry for a late reply, we were having a connection problem here for the last few days. BTW, Durrat in Arabic means Jewelry/ Necklace, so freely it could be translated as a string of neacklace or jewelry or precious stone in the marina. :P LOL hahah