Monday, September 8, 2008

Seashell Close-up

Today's photo is a a close-up shot of seashell at Al Dar island's beach. Somehow simple things looks marvelous take by camera. Do not you agree with me? Hmm Seashell always has a special meaning for me. I grew up in a beachside of Padang and strolling on the beach was a must in the early morning and while walking and being wet by the water, I always collected some shells, colourful stones I found there. Pssst I still keep all these precious things at Mom's. Mom said it was part of my growing mementos and they all stay at home.

Anyway, as per the official Al Dar's site here, the island is only 20 minutes from Manama and another 10 minutes by Sea Taxi from Sitra Fisherman's port. It is a very nice place for a quick retreat for us who are living in the city.

Interested? I bet you will hehehe


Abid said...

is this the beach in bahrain?

Urang Awak said...

well, there are some other beaches in the region.