Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Evening at Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport

Today, at 5.50 pm I was departing from Bahrain and I will be leaving to Indonesia. Since I am not going to be around, Moses my goodfriend who always donate (lol) some interesting photo to me will take care of Sanabis DP.

So today's photo was taken one hour ago at the food court at Terminal 3 in Dubai Intersnational Airport, It was only one hour flight from Bahrain to Dubai but I am still having a long hour to go to Indonesia as the reason why I am spending my time at the Duty Free area now because my next connecting flight to Singapore will be in another 4 hours. While having some snacks at the food court, I saw there is an indoor tropical garden and I want to show everybody how pretty the garden is. There are a mini fountain, pine trees, some tropical plants and even a little wadhi or river flowing down to the end of the garden.

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Abid said...

Wy are you off to indonesia? and for how long?