Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to the Inside World of Winter Camp

Today's photo is the follow-up of yesterday posting. As I said earlier that our Sales team was visiting one of the winter camps around our neighbourhood and unfortunately I was not with them during the visit. Otherwise I might end up having tons of photos and might be bothering you with the similar photo from days to days. LOL
Anyway, please allow me to explain to you all readers about the trip there, though this will be a second hand report. I hope I would not be getting carried away with myself nor exaggerate the story. Here you go! The first photo was the shot of the tent with the wide open door inviting you to come inside to feel the warmth and cosiness of the inside against the cold freezing winter wind. Most tent would look dull on the outerior but you will be surprise once you enter inside as you will see a different world.

Lets go inside, its cold out here!!!!!

Most the inside interior of these winter camps are accesorized in a very rich and elaborately beautiful by the owner. You could see the typical Middle Eastern fabric pattern; red and black fabric used to decorate the inner wall and most furnitures and even the carpet would be predominantly red.


~tanty~ said...

Salaam Ian,
Wow! kalau tendanya seperti ini mau dong ikutan camping :)

Urang Awak said...

Wassalam Uni, Kan yang camping beginian para Orang2 Arab Kaya. Kalo yang lebih kaya lagi, seperti Sheikh2 mereka tendanya lebih elaborate dan mewah tuh! Duh Dunia dan uang memang cobaan selagi kita hidup ya.