Monday, May 25, 2009

One afternoon at Asry Beach

Last Saturday, we went to Asry beach near Juffair Port last Saturday (I hope my data is right, please correct me any Bahraini readers) recommended by some friends who had been there. A few minutes ride from where I am living as it is located nearby Juffair, just few minutes passed the big Bridge of Juffair Port.

There is a mosque nearby, some cold stores, allocated areas for the children with swings and playground and some gazebos for shades. It was quite a warm late afternoon and we all were looking forward to jump to the sea.

Upon arrival, we saw that there are already some crowds there; families, children, some youths swimming, making sand castle or just enjoying the late warm sunset.

The beach sign seems in need of renovation as the letters are mostly faded and unreadable.

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Diana said...

Do men and women swim together? I am guessing the swim attire is much different than in the US.