Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Tree's shade under the blaring Summer Sun

Today's photo is the shot of the garden on the entrace of Bahrain National Museum. This shot will be the last shot for Bahrain National Museum Series. We were venturing to this spot after leaving the main building entrance whilst seeking for some new worth shot for Sanabis DP. Alas, the sun was so hot as it was already sometime after midday and we seeked the cooler shade under the trees.

The garden itself is quite nice but unfortunately we could not find any place to sit. I believe that some chairs will do very good. The pathway was full of dried leaves and I guess that the blarring hot sun had made everybody stay indoor and stopped any activities. It was very quiet and we heard many bird's singing and chirping sounds ahead of us from the top of the trees.

What about your garden in your country, Dear readers? Is it different?


Abid said...

Good luck with summer; it's getting pretty hot already, isn't it???

Urang Awak said...

thanks Abid, itis getting hotter here now, average is 40-ies Celcius degrees everyday now :|