Sunday, April 19, 2009

Damas Jewellery in Gold CIty

Yesterday, some friends and I went to Gold City Jewellery Mall. I was asked by a lady friend to show her some jewellery shop as she was looking for a present for her parent. I guess that Gold City Mall is the perfect place to go as there are many famous jewelry found there and one of them is DAMAS.

So today, I am showing you some poor shots from my N91 about Damas Jewellry. Dear reader, please bear with me as during the trip none of us brought a camera and unfortunately we had to use our handphone camera to capture the shops and some of the jewellries on the display.

Now lets talk about Damas Jewellery, quoted from its official website here, Damas is a group of an international integrated jewellery and watch retailer based in Dubai, UAE and operating in about 18 countries with around 450 stores, and the leading jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East. The group’s network of retail outlets includes subsidiaries predominantly in the Middle East, India and Italy, Jointly controlled entities and Associates in countries across the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and other regions.

On MTC TV channels here (Dubai based channels), we always watch the new DAMAS Advertisement featuring Nancy Ajram, a famous multi-platinum Lebanese pop folk artist (if you want to know about her, please go here).

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