Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ice Cream Stand at Gate 1, Geant Mall

Today's photo is the Ice Cream Stand located at Gate 1 in Geant Mall. Not much that I could share to my reader today but their ice creams so rock!!!! Please take a closer look on below picture, you'll be tempted!!


henny said...

Spring!! Time to spare a room in your freezer for fave ice cream. Omong2, yang biru itu rasa apa?

Urang Awak said...

you bet, Heni! I always spare Ice Cream in my freezer (they are my stress food LOL).

Yang biru itu rasanya berry lah

henny said...

hmmm...belum lengkap tanpa warna hijau: green tea and melon :))

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my now you have me wanting some icecream and i don't have any.
Looks so good.