Monday, April 13, 2009

Starbuck in Juffair Avenue

Today I am sharing you a shot of Starbuck Cafe at Juffair Avenue. One of the popular hang-out in the area. As you might see from many previous posting that there are many American branded outlet can be found along Juffair Avenue. In one way, it caters the need of the residences in Juffair area as it is one of the posh district in Bahrain and the other way is due to its close proximity to the American Naval Base (it is just down in the corner), it provides many necessities for the soldiers either for foods, residences, clubs and many others. At the end of the day, it also becomes a place where the young Bahrainis, Expats and Weekeners from the regional GCC go to hang-out during the weekend or just for dinner destinations.

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Jeremy said...

Technically, this is the Juffair Strip, part of Shabab Avenue (that continues in a large U shape around past Al Jazeera). Juffair Avenue is the next street to the south from the Chinese embassy to the Bahrain School.