Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flower Power

photo by Gayo but directed by me :)


'Through-JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

What a pretty"I don't know what this is" Flower? or spongues on a stick? Made by Gosa/goya so not by you? Or do you have a nickname, Anyway its a fantastic shot!

Thank you for visiting my blog again, so you like PARIS? Its a busy city, sooooo much to see, and not enough time we were there, You r DUTCH/HOLLAND languageis getting better!

I do not spaek any indonesian yet, though we want to visit you countrie perhaps next summer in 2008, perhaps we visit Bali, have you been there?

Bye, Dag tot Ziens :)
Have a good weekend /week:)
Your blog is very good

Urang Awak said...

Hi Joann

Thank for the comment, you are indeed a flaterer, btw it is a flower arrangement at an event in our resort. Yes the picture taken by a friend, his name is Gayo (he is from Aceh, the tsunami hit area), I asked him to take the picture as I forgot to bring my camera LOL

Anyway, for my Dutch, i wish I could learn faster, my South African friends help me a lot in it

Talking about Bali, I was there for a short vacation 2 years ago, It's wonderful, You are going to love it. Let me know probably we could meet there, or I meet you in Holland :P