Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 100th Posting!!

Durrat al Bahrain
Today is my 100th posting and I find it rather difficult to choose the theme for today photo, It must be something special, something which will be remembered by readers or anyone about Bahrain. Then I remember about Durrat al Bahrain. It was just earlier this month the launching brand event was held at the resort where I am working. I have posted a photo of the event's flower decoration here. the picture above and the following below are the impression of Durrat al Bahrain by the artist. Durrat al Bahrain is an artificial island project in Bahrain in a shape of Pearl Necklace. It is the largest planned luxury mixed-use residential, commercial and resort development in the Gulf region. Here is another impression by an artist;

The new brand launching was held at Banyan Tree Desert Spa and Resort Al Areen here in 2nd December 2007 (early this month) and it was a spectacular event. For the news covers, please go here.

This is me, smiling ear to ear with the event set up at the background

The Beautiful Bay

Do you need to see more, please go here!


~tanty~ said...

And you chose a very nice picture for it.
P.S. Aku dah posting tentang blog mu di forum. Mudah2an doi yang di perancis itu baca, hehe.

Denton said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Your choice is very impressive.