Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lunch at Manama Alley Restaurant

Hmm grilled fish ... I love them!
Bon Appetite!!!

During the last trip in Manama, My friend and I had a quick stop at one of the street restaurant. I have no idea what it is called as it is located in one of the alley at Manama. It is exactly located in an empty space between two building. It is typically local in design as they have local settee arrangement and they serve various type fo dishes such as Indians, Iranian and Middle Eastern which I find them very strong and rich. Since it is located nearby the offices, many people are coming for lunch and vary in nationality (look there is one Sheikh is having a lunch right behind the two beautiful ladies).


~tanty~ said...

The food look so tasty, jadi kepengen makan ikan bakar neh.
BTW, nasinya gak kebanyakan tuh? :)

alaya said...

the portion of the rice is so BIG! just like in padang restaurant at home ya :)