Friday, March 14, 2008

The Beautiful Unknown

These beautiful unknown shot at Hard Rock Cafe.
Anybody know to what family they belong too? I am lost LOL

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Marie-Noyale said...

Those flowers are called Holly hocks,I am not sure of the spelling.In France we call them : Roses Tremieres.
I brought back some seeds from Britanny France where I am from,and planted them in NY,and now they come back every year!

Sigit Budi Darmawan said...'s wonderful picture.
i've added your blog to my link.
pls do the same.

Urang Awak said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for the info! That is one beautiful simple name for a flower. Back home in Indonesia, we have a wild variety but the blossom mostly in Purple and its a herb for cooking!
Hi Sigit!
Thanks for adding me on your link, Likewise lol :P