Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Late Afternoon in Juffair

One quiet afternoon near Juffair area, when the taxi I was in stopped at anothe rlong traffic qeue. I saw some children playing football. The children looked a bit blurry in a distance. I did not want tot ake my risk to zoom and capture as my pocket camera could not handle it. So be it then!

Well most children love football. No matter where you are, you will always see some children playing football in anywhere they could play it. No matter what the ball is going to look like, made of paper roll into a ball or . Well some children are very creative. I love football. I remember when I was young, spent hours and hours in the shiftmade football field; on the street, the dry paddy's field, even inside the house which always drove my sisters and mom upsetted! What a memory!

Do you like Football?

Have a nice Wednesday Everybody!!

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