Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thai Beach Restaurant at Manama Downtown

When you are away from home, you always have a craving for a homemade cooking food that are fresh and something to ease and help you away from the homesickness. It is funny to think that when you were at home and take everything for granted and when being away, suddenly you want this and that and will do anything to get it. I also realize that having more than 40 numbers of my countrymen working in the same company make my living away from home is a little harder as they do remind me a lot about home and family.

Bahrain is not the first overseas attachment since I join the company. I have been blessed to be able to work in many places and meeting some wonderful, interesting and lovely people at work. Well I believe that most of you who work as an expat know this kind of experience. What a bless huh?

Anyway, some friends and I decided we need to go out to eat somewhere and decision was made. We were going to Thai restaurant because the dishes are the closest one to our taste buds. We went to Thai Beach Restaurant. LOL again I forget where it is located but the best part of this trip out is, the food is fantastic and low price (just 1 Dinar for each type of dishes)! They even do Free Home Delivery and here is the number if you happen just arrive in Bahrain + 973 17277756. Go get it! you won't be dissapointed.

If you want to know about Thai Food, at Wikipedia here will give your further info and if you want to know how to prepare Thai cuisine you can go here at one of my favorite Thai sites.

Enjoy your search!!


trancepass said...

Do they serve halal food, Pak?
How is the prices, affordable?

nice reading this blog

mai ngeblog apang sing belog (balinese language: lets go blogging, to avoide ignorance).

Abid said...

I love Thai!

Paolo said...

Can't believe... this is my favourite Thai restaurant in Bahrain since years.. ;-)

It's located at the beginnng of Gudayibia right after the big mosc roundaout.
Anywya I'm going there for dinner tonight :-) Will post the right adress if anyone is interested.