Sunday, October 19, 2008

Al Fateh Avenue

Today's photo is a bird's view of Al Fateh avenue. It was taken by Leah, one of my Indonesian friends in Bahrain. We both have been dubbed as the twin photographers as at any outing or trip we make, we both always talk about what to shoot where to go. During the driving, we both always ask "can we stop here for one minute please, It is beautiful here and I need to shot it?". I hope that they will never get tired of our desperate pleas now and then.

It is very funny some time and I owe a great deal to whoever in the driver seat. They give a great contribution to Sanabis DP. Hip hip hooray to the drivers!!! Thanks Lea, Adi, Dian and the taxi drivers.

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JM said...

I don't know much about Bahrain so I really enjoy reading your blog as well as watching the photos you have been posting of such amazing and interesting subjects.
Thank you for the nice comment on my blog and also for adding my link.
We'll keep in touch.