Wednesday, October 22, 2008

National Evangelical Church in Manama

Today's photo is The National Evangelical Church in Manama. Leah gave me this one as she reminded me earlier that I have not posted any place of worship from other religions. Well it is about time then. Thanks Leah!

Though having a small indigenous Christian community but Bahrain is one of the Gulf state where the minority communities of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other religions are allowed freedom of worship. Here is an interesting column at Washington Report about Christianity in Middle East. I hope it will give a better understanding for us. If you want to know further about who the christians are in the Middle East, please go here for an interesting reading by authors Betty Jane and Martin Bailey.

Here are the following Christian churches and other religious worship places in Bahrain;
  • St Christopher's Cathedral in Manama
  • The Community Church in Awali
  • The National Evangelical Church
  • The Sacred Heart Church here in Manama
  • St Peter's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
  • The Gospel Church of Philadelphia here
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Church
  • The Bahrain Tamil Christian Congregation
  • Telugu Christian Congregation
  • The Middle East Pentecostal Church
  • The Bahrain Malayalce Christian Congregation
  • The Malayalce CSI Parish
  • The Mar Thoma Parish
  • Sikh Temple(Sri Guru Singh Sabha) and many MORE!

    PS : I need to tell her that I need the high resolution picture then as this one is very small. I will change it as soon as possible and I should make a plan to cover all these worship places. Wish me Luck!)


Abid said...

Churches are allowed in Bahrain?

Hendrawan Riau said...

I don't hink there is cruch in Bahrain.. but it's look great!

Urang Awak said...

yes Abid, Bahrain is the most liberal country in the Gulf.

Thanks Hendra, Free Religous practise is exercised in Bahrain.

ange Embuldeniya said...

Nice posting Urang :) The community church in Awali is an inter-denominational church where it is used by many Christian faiths for community prayer but the two faiths which use them most are the Anglican and Catholic communities on the Island (Sacred Heart Church and St. Christopher's Cathedral).


~tanty~ said...

Me too. I just knew that there is church, in fact more than one, in Bahrain. Good posting and thanks for the links. It's an interesting read.