Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Arabic Number in Colourful Badges

Today's photo is the series photos I shot at Car Garage at Jidhaf Street. These pretty badges ( I am not sure if these are badges or stickers but since I am lost in translation now, I prefer to call them call it "badges"). These pretty badges are found sticking on the office window of the car garage. The old Baba (arabic for father or old man) invited me to come inside his office and these badges are the first one attratcing my eyes.

You can see that they are in different colour and there is an arabic number in each of the sticker with a beautiful striking colour. They are not in the normal numerical order but I am going to explain a little bit about Arabic numerals.

As what I found on Wiki, Arabic numbers or numeral are the 10 digits ( were originally defined by Indian mathematician in AD 500, later modified and transferred to North African mathematician and transmitted to Europe in the Middle Ages, whence they spread around the world through European colonialism.

The reason that (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are known as arabic numerals is that they are the characters used by western Arabs from Morocco to Libya, from where they were introduced to Europe in the tenth century. I will update this posting later on as I have found some interesting further web link about history of number and how great the influence and effort of Arab mathematician in defining our so called modern numbers.


Abid said...

Interesting history!

Jack said...

Hi Urang,
Nice pic of some of Bahrain's most common stickers. These are car insurance stickers. Every year they have a different number. Every car insurance company has their "own" design, but all designs must prominently display the Year (the number) so that the traffic police can easily tell whether your insurance is up-to-date. Most drivers just put the new on on their windshields and never remove the old ones. Occasionally you'll see a car with more than 10. Mine has 8, which is how long I've been living here.