Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going To Barbar Temple

Today's photo is the road sign to go to Barbar Temple at Barbar district (ofcourse LOL). I have posted some postings about Barbar temple earlier in September here, here and here with some friends during our day off together. I did not get enough light during that trip when taking the photo as it was late afternoon and the sunset was near. So here is the good one.

For you who wants to know about Barbar Temple, please go here!

Enjoy your browsing then as there are more about Bahrain on the linked site!


Abid said...

What's barbar temple?

Denton said...

Hi Ian, sorry it has been a while since I have visited ... Interesting post ... I wonder what the significance of the bull with one white eye is?

Urang Awak said...

Guys, thanks for visiting my page!

Barbar temple is the remaining of Delmon era of Bahrain. It is actually part of ancient Sumerian culture and Bahrain was used to be the center of this magnificent civiliasation, I have posted some about it last month. Please check that out( LOL sorry i still can not figure out how to put a link here).
Dear Denton, thank you for visiting me again. Likewise, I share the guilt too. I just came and blogwalked your DP anytime I could but unfortunately did not leave any comment. For the bull's eyes, I am not sos sure, I assume it might be from the way it was shot by camera then while converted to a drawing, one eye become darkened and the other one is white. Beside it is a mask. So does it make sense for you now?