Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Morning Fog is Back

In the last week, the weather turns out really cold now and I even need to wear my headwear now to protect from the chilling winter wind. Today's photo was taken earlier this week as you know why :P. I needed to post the X-mas photo first than these ones as the first ones was more suitable with the season and the foggu shot could only be posted today. First thing first! LOL

So you can see that from both pictures above and down here, the winter fog is coming!!! All over the top building and you can barely see the top floor of the building and the street looked wet from the fog mist.

Even when taking these photos, I had to put on my wind-breaker jacket first. Winter here is no snow but it is bone-chilling. Brrphhh take good care for anyone out there in Bahrain, I almost caught a cold last week because sillif of me. I thought that I could go out without a jacket one evening but I was so wrong!!!! Hot shoer,a glass of hot ginger and a thick wool blanket made me back to healty me and rested well. LOL

Take care then this winter my friends out there!


Abid said...

I dont believe it can be cold there!

Urang Awak said...

hey Abid, you'll be surprise if you were here! It will get to 6 degrees or lower here in Bahrain!