Monday, December 29, 2008

The Green Oasis at Al Areen

Today, I am posting a photo that I took earlier today at 4 pm. It is an oasis located just so close to our resort.

Here is the whole story; I was bored and tired in my office and I remembered that a few weeks ago while passing the road to the resort I saw a glimpse of this oasis from the hills on the left side of Oryx Hill and promised to myself that oneof these days I am going to walk out of the office, passed through the spa reception, then up to the resort entrance, further up to the rocky hill and go down hill to get closer to the oasis. I did it today and tomorrow the follow up photos will be posted with more stories.

I enjoyed the walk down the rocky hills and I wish everybody to have a nice day TODAY!


Marco Crupi said...

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Abid said...

I had a very nice day!

I went to Washington DC and took tons of photos!

I will post them on my blog tomorrow: