Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Carol at Banyan Tree Al Areen

Today photo is the Choir shot taken at Library at the resort where I am working and this photo is the follow up of the Christmas celebration from earlier post. The Choir groups consists of many nationalities; Indonesians, Fillipinos, South African and Seychellois. One of the joyous event for the Christian associates provided in our company.

For you who are not aware about the existing Christian community in Bahrain and how they celebrate their religous holiday, actually I have posted about it here and further if you want to know about the resort I am working, please go here.

Happy Browsing and have a nice weekend for everybody in Gulf!


Abid said...

Churches are allowed?

Urang Awak said...

hey Abid, yes it is! I think you miss out my earlier posting about the churches in Bahrain. It was on October 22nd, Please come and see. You might be surprised!