Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Wet Floor from the First Rain in December

Today, late afternoon when I left the office to get my another toilet break. When passing the Garden Hammam, I saw the floor was very wet and I thought that the attendant were cleaning the floor and when I looked up and saw the grey sky and the disctinctive smell of after rain. I realize that it has just been rain! OMG, I love rain and this is the best season in Bahrain. I hurrily got my camera and shot the little drizzle still left on the floor. It was quite an awesome view if you shoot a closer shot of the floor. You might think that as if I have taken the picture of Sakhir Rocky Hills itself. LOL I am having too much imagination for today aha!!

Well, here is another shot of the whole floor area, distance does make it different, do not you agree with me?

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and it is weekend in the Gulf!
Happy Weekend Everybody in Middle East!


Abid said...

Haha you're so happy. here in canada, we'd love days without rain (or snow)

Urang Awak said...

thanks Abid, I am just happy for simple reason now. Rain is common thing at home, Indonesia and here in Bahrain is much expected and cherished.