Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009 Theme Day - Glass

Today as the 1st day of the month and as usual at DP Community there will be a theme picture selected for today. So for this month, I am sharing the photo that I took last year at Manama Crafts Centre. In this picture, you could see some beautiful stained glass lead works. Most pieces are featuring the Middle Eastern or Arabesque design. What I found a very interesting work piece is the work on HH King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah; The King and Emir of Bahrain.

Talking about Manama Crafts Centre, it is located in the heart of Manama and it is 60 years old building. For further reading, please go here and here reviewed by Lonely Planet. If you want further choices on reading, please go here at clickbahrain dot com.

If you are visitors or happen to be in Bahrain, please find the address and map below for diretion. Give it a visit! And you won't regret the trip!

263 Isa Alkabeer Road, Manama, 309, (Old Building, of Manama Technical School) Tel: (+973) 254688 - Fax: (+973) 246615

PS : Please click thumbnails to view other DP monthly theme participants.

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