Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The New Le Chocolat Cafe Restaurant

Today's photo is the entrance shot of the new Le Chocolat Gourmet Bakery located along Awal Avenue, across Isa Cultural Centre and Al Fateh Grand Mosque. Unfortunately this outlet has not opened yet as when I took the photo a week ago, It was still bare of furniture and other amenities. I will keep you all updated about the opening time as I wont be missing that event as I am the greatest fan of Chocolate. :P

Anyway, let me share you tit bits about Le Chocolat restaurant, this new outlet will be the second outlet in Bahrain (if I am not mistaken LOL). The first one is located in Seef District near Seef Mall and they are well know for their delicious chocolate cakes and pizzas and the prizes are very reasonble (hey I am not advertising here but I have been in the one at Seef cople times). Currently it is ranked as the 15th favorite out of 38 restaurants in Bahrain by tripadvisor here.


Abid said...

lol no arabic?

Dr.ftoom ஐ~ said...

awww !! that's cool ! but where it's located ?