Friday, November 9, 2007

Hometown Series # 03 Mountain Mist

Gunung Marapi is the name we call this active volcanic mountain. Gunung literally means Mountain and Marapi means Fire, so it is Mountain of Fire. It is the most active vocano in Sumatra. It elevates at 2,891.3 metres high or 9,485.9 feet. Lots of town and cities are situated around the mountain; they are Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang and my late grandma's hometown Batu Sangkar. I still can recall the memory when I was a toddler and living there for a couple of years. Waking up every morning and watched the sunrise peeping behind the mountain. This magnificent mountain always brings an awe within me. According to the Minang folklore, this mystical mountain holds the history of our people, the Minangkabau. I will tell more about my people in another posting.
Do not you think the mountain is magnificent? I first time went to the top when I was in college, It took 6 tiring hours to the top and only 3 hours to go down. Hmmm That makes me thinking how that could happen? Probably we mostly run and walked so fast to the bottom of the mountain. Hah I wish I could go there again one of these days. I hope I could find on my archive on those photos and post it here, Insyallah!

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~tanty~ said...

Your hometown photos are really make me homesick!

It's cold here already. I guess winter is coming now. Today the temperature shows 2 degree but it feels like -3.