Friday, November 23, 2007

Winter's Flower

Winter is coming now in Bahrain Hooorayyyyy! Please do not get me wrong!!!!! Winter in Bahrain means a cooler weather, lots of rain (I am still not sure about this year, but last year it was very wet :P so let see then!) and I can go out taking pictures all day long without worry much of the the hot desert sun Halah!Here is my first posting of flowers commonly found in Bahrain! Dunno the name but its nice , is not it? Anyway, here is a poem I found from one of the book here published in Bahrain, Any of you know about him?
The bee-through many a garden roves,
And hums his lay of courtship o'er,
But when he finds the flower he loves,
He settles there, and hums no more
Thomas Moore 1779-1852

(LOL the bees escaped when I was trying to shot them, perhaps next time I'd be one lucky photographer)

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