Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hometown Series # 02 Street Shop along Anai Valley Road

I just get back to work today and I really need to say my apology to everybody for not posting during my vacation nor sharing any daily activities I had done during my 3 weeks vacation. It has been along story.

First, It was heavy rain everyday since I stepped my feet in Punggur Harbour (duh). You could see from my earlier posting about the Singapore Cruiseship Center at Sentosa Island. It was very cloudy picture and the sky was about to spill tons of rain.

Second, there was still an earthquake happened when I was there. Though I was sound asleep when it happened at 3.00 o'clock in the morning. Geez I was even surprise for not even feeeling it at all!! Third, the connection was very bad and due to the plenty of rain we had in Padang (still have, hey its Monsoon Season now), I could not make it to go to Internet shop and the last stuff that I never expected to happen, My camera memory was having an error. All pictures were disappeared and It needed to be re-formatted which naturally would erase all pictures taken earlier or I could not use it all!! Can you believe these? But I am lucky, I managed to save some pictures and also given by a friend.

Now I want to talk about this little wooden shop commonly found all along the road from Padang to Batusangkar. What make it interesting, this one is resting on the slope of the Sianok Valley, part of Anai Wild life Reservation. This shop usually sells snacks, cigarettes and even some of them are restaurant. They exist mostly to provide last minute need of the car drivers, motorcyclers, Bus drivers and even the truck driver who are passing this road. Mostly full of crowd during the rainy season when there would be road traffic due to slipper tracks caused by the heavy rain.

It is good to be back and posting pictures at My Sanabis DP, how are yoy guys doing?

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