Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Western Union Building in Manama

This yellow building of Western Union in one of Manama downtown really strikes my eyes once I set my feet on the road. Its bright yellow colour does indeed lift up the athmosphere in the neighbourhood. Do not you think the area look a lot nicer now?
I never know such a yellow colour could give such a strong effect.
Wah Have a nice day everyone! Its so beautiful day in Bahrain now!!


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Ian,

OOPS this YELLOW really hurts my eyes ( just kidding) but its a building you will not forget:)

Thank you so much for your celebration (for my birthday)! and your interest in me, and my trip to Paris. Its a fantastic!! city and I will publice soon some great views from my point of (digital) view , and you know me 'always playing with my camera' I'm Glad to be back, I missed YOU too:)

JoAnn :)

~tanty~ said...

Salam Ian,
Iya nih aku flu dan batuk udah beberapa hari ini. Bersin2 gak brenti :(

BTW, you're right! This yellow lift up the athmosphere. Bikin hati senang liatnya :)