Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two Faces of Bahrain Weather

Today I am going to share about the weather in Bahrain. From the photo above taken in the early morning where you could see that there was a dark cloud in the sky and the wind blew a bit chilly and cold. As I mentioned on earlier posting here that the low pressure system in the area cause the changing of weather and lots of rainfalls. Then later on the day, after getting off the bus from work, I saw that the sky clear out and the beautiful cloud is back as in the picture below.
This photo was just taken from a slight different spot in front of my apartment. How amazing is not it?



Hi bro salam from tanah air.
Looks like this blog the most updated rather than the other two.
Insha Allah i will visit oftenly.
Appreciate once a while if you can tell us about girls/women daily life there.
Yes, I read some of their blogs, however urang awak's point of view might be different :)

Urang Awak said...

thanks for visiting Sanabis DP, MD (Morning Dew), I have seen some of your posting. They are very interesting. To honour your request, one of these days, I will try to post more about the people of Bahrain. Thanks!

Abid said...

Thanks for the pictures. Nice weather! here in Canada it's getting cold :(

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is a great blog, I lived in Bahrain for 2 years, infact I think this photo is of my old apartment building in Gufool, am I right? Thanks for sharing your photos, it is so nice to relive some old memories!!