Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blue Sky Behind The Trees

In the last few days, the weather had changed in Bahrain. I am feeling that the weather is a lot cooler now, escpecially in the evening. Last two evenings, there were dark cloud in the sky. It will be lots of rain this Autumn and Winter. These are the most waiting seasons in Bahrain.

Yup, Most of us might think that there is no way that there wil be rain in Bahrain as what most people would assume about the weather in Bahrain; being located in Middle East and all. So let me explain about the climate in Bahrain.

The best time to be around in Bahrain is during the period of spring or autumn. The climate is indeed pleasant during this time with the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze around. And this is very evident at the end of the season. In fact, it gets extremely humid at times becoming quite unbearable. Besides, the local bahrainis even call a dry northwesterly wind as "Al Barah".

However, the winters are not only cool but they are also accompanied by rainfall. The low-pressure systems (what is low pressure system? please go here at Wiki), which are created in most area in Bahrain influence the weather change in Bahrain during the winters. The strangest part about Bahrain climate is that the winters down here produce much of rains. Surprise, is not it? I can not wait to see and take the first rain shot.

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Abid said...

I am awaiting that rain shot :P