Monday, November 24, 2008

Mosque Series # 07 Masjid at Lulu Road, Jidhaf

My best friend Adi and Dian bought a second hand car a few days back and it seemed that it needed some services, cleaning up and even changing some accessories. So someone from the hotel gave him a recommendation for a car garage at Jidhaf area at Lulu road. We went there and waited for a couple of hours. I found that watching someone repairing a car not that interesting though I grew up with this similar view all my life back in Indonesia (My late father had a garage back home and eventually run a car garage at home). I got bored and I started venturing outside of the place. a couple of meters away, I saw a mosque and by seeing the architectural buildings and the posters sticking on the wall. I know that it belongs to the Shi'a community. I could not get the whole shot of the mosque as the road was quite narrow and in the end I could not get the top of the minaret. Down below another shot of the mosque with a clear shot of the street around it.


Abid said...

Are *you* Shia or sunni?

Urang Awak said...

I wish I could just say I just am moslem. sigh our Ummah has been segregated now. Yes I am Sunni!