Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Florist and Garden Nursery at Jidhaf

Earlier today, we were driving around Jidhaf area to find the seed feed for my hamsters and upon leaving the petshop, we eventually spotted a big florist shop and the garden nursery just a few shops away. Excitingly, we stopped by and wander around to look at the display and the nursery. Dian, the flower lover, insisted on checking on each display, new pots and even we went further to the end display leading to the nursery.

I could not get the name of the shop as I took the photos with my cellphone and since it was already dark, I did not make it to take the entrance shot nor the shop's name. Sigh!

Anyway, when we went inside we were quite awe by the collection they have there. Though I could not recall the names in English but they are quite big variety available. In the picture above, Dian and Adi were looking at the display fresh flower in pots. The bright yellow of the Chrysantemum is really a sight for the sore eyes. Please mind me, the weather is changing now in Bahrain and everything looks dusty due to the many sandstorm and we are so lucky to be able to look at these colourful flowers.

At the back part of the shop, there is a connecting door to the nursery. It is quite a big garden nursery and I notice that they have great varieties of tropical flowers which remind me a lot of home. they also display some bird baths for a graden lover view.

These green leaves of this pine tree (hmmm I do not what it is called :P) makes me feel I am in New Zealand forest now!

Nevertheless, though we were not buying anything but we enjoyed the trip to this nursery, We might want to visit it again and I should be able to take a decent shots then.

Have a nice Tuesday then everybody!

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