Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunrise in Juffair

This morning, as usual I woke up at 4.45 am for my morning pray. Later on at 5.15 someting, when opening the window curtain of my bedroom, suddenly I remember that I have not taken any sunrise view in Juffair. I grabbed my cell phone and leaned out from the window frame and I shot the first shot of the street below. Though, it was still dark, we still could see that the street was still sleeping, only one car was passing by.
I turned my eyes to the view in front of me. I could see that the sky was quite bright. There was the orange colouring in the right side and I believe that the sun would rise now. Snapped!! I took my second shot of the day.

I looked on my right side and I saw these beautiful colour composition of rainbow. Quite a beautiful day to start my new day.

Have a nice Thursday then!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, nice pictures.

Abid said...

Have a good weekend!

~tanty~ said...

I love sunrise too and sunset tentu saja :)
Very nice photos!