Friday, September 21, 2007

The Mosque Series # 02 Al Qufhul Maktim

a bit blurry but i like the blurring motion and the shadowy figures.
Everynight, my friends and I always go to the further located mosque at Al Fuqhul for our Tarawih Pray. It takes a 25 minute good walk to reach there. I swear it is not only me getting sweaty and all blistered toes. Ha ha ha ha

All along the way, we always see things in many different ways. We see people in rush driving around in cars, busy traffic light and the still warm evening. we are always passing this beautiful Maktim and I managed to take the picture last night. Do not you agree with me how beautiful it is under the night light? I hope I can take the day picture soon and we can see the different.

There is an addditional picture of us walking that I manage to steal. Frankly I got some strange look from some people along the way. Ha ha ha I got the good pictures anyway! Enjoy!

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Denton said...

You have such hot weather for long walks. However, I have found that my best photos are found when walking. And a few good photos even when sweating ... What is the proper etiquette? Can you take photos during service in a mosque? It would be frowned on to take photos during a church service yet I have seen photos taken during a funeral. Had the photographer been my child I would have disciplined them.