Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Harvesting Time

2 Monyet Besar :)

These 2 guys (Kris and Gayo) could not fight the urge not to climb the date tree. Since this is near the end of winter in Bahrain and so is date fruit season. We have to catch them before the birds finish them all or before it is getting too dry. Alamak... the taste is unbelievable, so sweet and tender when chewed and hmmmph :P I am fasting now, I can not tell you further Hahahahah perhaps next time!

Do you like Date fruit or Tamar (Arabic) or Qhorma (Persian)?

I do, I do, I do..... I break my fast with it. Love it!!!!!!!


~tanty~ said...

I like date too. I eat it for break fasting during fasting month.

Nice pic with friendly smiles.

Vie Lipowski said...

2 monyet besar?!
Dua monyet besar, isn't it?!