Sunday, September 30, 2007

where the green grass grows (..and brings the scent of home)

I remember a time not so awful long ago

Of a place I use to visit where the green grass grows

Tucked away in the hills hidden from sight

Alone in this field the world was alright

The grass dances slowly with the wind that sets the lazy pace

I’d drift away for hour’s sun shining warmly on my face

Butterflies stealing kisses from each and every flower

Birds and bees playing a game of catch among the heaven of sweet and greens

Sometimes when I reminisce I think about that place

Tucked away in the hills the sun light on my face

In my mind I’ll take a trip it’s to this place I’ll go

Back to the place of my memories

“Where the green grass grows”

adapted from S.E.P

1 comment:

~tanty~ said...

Ian, this is so beautiful. It brings peace into my heart. Love the poem :)