Thursday, September 13, 2007

Earthquake in Padang, My Hometown

Padang Panorama circa 1900 (above)
Bank Nagari (my home is located so closeby, see the aerial picture by Google Earth)

Football Stadium (Favourite Open Air Stadium)
My home marked with yellow pin, so close access to anywhere :P

Since yesterday, I guess I have been living in a daze, since my Boss called from Dubai to inform us the indonesian staff about Earthquake (8.40 magnitude quake) and Tsunami alert in some areas in Sumatra. Yes I did browsed through CNN, Kompas, Detik and others searching for further update about home. I tried to call home and my brother cell but it seemed the communication went down. I tried to sms some relatives and friends as many as I could and finally my younger brother replied and eased my worriness and fear about their being, my mom, sister and brother.

I called my brother again this morning to update the news, Padang is still hit by aftershock earthquake even while we were talking. I pray God, Allah SWT for the safety for all my brothers and sisters in Padang to give them strength and faith during this suffering period. Strength for this Ramadhan for them. Amien yarrabal alamin!

Here are some pictures I got from internet (Google Earth etc) about Padang. I know it is out of topic but I am so worry.


Denton said...

I hope your loved ones are not hurt. It is difficult being so far away when tragedy strikes.

Ian Hamzah said...

Thanks Denton, Thank God that all my families back home are alright. My elder brother evacuate my mom to our Grandma's in the mountain. Thank anyway

sean said...

Yeah may be you find it weird but when the quake strikes one of my friend at aquabot wants to go out there to take pics of the eruption as he loves the natural photography...It did create a fear but mind it is a natural phenomena like any other activity around...