Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Sanabis Farm Photo Series

I missed posting a photo yesterday as I was absorbed by tons of works yesterday (what a lame excuse :P). I am going to do a little cheat today by posting some of my previous farm photos. Instead of having one, you will get 3 photos hehe No more bargain!
Anyway, the animal of the day is the DUCK. The duck is not a natural animal found in Bahrain. I believe that it is brought and bred in Bahrain since there is technology of finding water in abundantI. If not, how a duck could survive living in a dry and harsh place like Bahrain. Do not you love the duck?. I used to have a dozen of ducks when I was little toddler. I raised them as pet and they followed me around like i was the mother duck :P
What about you? What kind of pet did you have when you are young?

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Adaleen said...

Ian, I also love the duck!