Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sandstorm at Sanabis

where is the sun? where is it? oh it's up there! THE SILVER SUN :P
When the weather is about to change, there is always a sandstorm in Bahrain, especially in Sanabis. These photos were donated by my friend, Moses aka Musa. He said he will visit my blog but until today I receive non from him. Maybe later! :P
Anyway, I do not like sandstorm :( . It means you need to do a spring cleaning at home after it is all over (all those dust, i have no idea how they find ways to get into our apartment... sigh), Poor visibility, i can not take any picture outside (who will???),
it makes you sick. Those dust cause lots of breathing problem and other sickness.
Many of my colleagues fell ill during this sandstorm.
Do you guys have a sandstorm way back home?


Hyde DP said...

never experienced a sandstorm so good to see it through your eyes - love the truck!

~tanty~ said...

Oh, that must be terrible! Luckily we don't have sandstorm here.
You take care there :)