Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sanabis Fish Market

10 minutes walking from my apartment, there is a traditional fresh fish market. As a matter of fact the picture I am showing today, I just took it this morning. So this place is always crowded and full of people every morning, there might be the seller or the buyer and unlike everybody else, I was just a spectator. I came for the picture :P

So along with 2 friends, we left our flat at 5.45 am (It was already bright outside and the air was still cool. Hmmm it was gonna be a nice walk then). We arrived there at 6 sharp and there were already a big crowd of people.

These 3 elders caughted my attention, the one with glasses was concentrating on his checklist, the other one was putting the some papers into the bag and the last one in white Thobe was looking around (the grandpa must be very tired, he was holding on into a walking stick) . Hmm They might have sold lots of their fishes today.
How does the fish market look like in your country? do you have them in the supermarket or in a traditional way?

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